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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Day

We didn't go to church today. Past Wright is on vacation and we have been on the road a lot lately and we thought we would take a day and stay home. We have really been lazy today. We stayed in bed until around 12:30 and then the suddenlink tech came to fix our Internet. He only had to replace an ethernet cable, which I could have done myself, but I didn't realize that was the problem. It was hilarious watching him trying to poke around on my IMac though. It was obvious he's never used one before.

I did go out and clean the inside of the car after later this afternoon. I swept it out and shined up the dash with armor-all. I found a set of keys that I thought I lost months ago. They were under the carpet, under the passenger seat. There is only one small vent hole under there that they could have squeezed through and somehow they did. While I was outside, Amanda made us some barbecue sandwiches. I definitely ate too much. But, it was excellent.

Now, I am sitting here watching Barbershop (I love this movie) and tying on here while Amanda watches her soap opera thing. I hate those shows. We are going to watch a movie we rented earlier called "International" as soon as I get offline. I hope to get Netflix again soon. We had Blockbuster's online service, but we didn't seem to use it enough to justify paying for it, but now we watch movies a lot more and I want to get Netflix this time. My friend, Jesse, told me to get it because I get download movies straight to my television with it. I definitely want to do that.

Okay, now it's time to watch the movie. I just reread everything on FDIC coverages. I get asked about them about 10 times daily and I figured it's time I know more about it. It's actually pretty interesting. I can now feel more confident the next time I get the question.

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