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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A new beginning

I've not posted in a few weeks so I guess it's that time. I was officially offered the position as Retail Personal Banker for Fifth Third Bank today. The idea of just having a new job definitely lifts a weight off my shoulders. I knew that God would take care of everything, but it is only human to worry. My salary will be more than I made at Beneficial, but the commission is going to be less, at least for now. I suspect that it will get better once the economy picks up. I pray this is where God is leading me because I did have my heart set on teaching, but something tells me this is where I need to be. I am excited to get started and to excel in this position. I know God will have placed me there for a reason too, so it will be exciting to find out why.

Have I mentioned before that I have the greatest wife on the planet? I am super excited for us to finally be able to purchase a home and get out of this small townhouse. We would love to be able to start a family before we are 30. She's so great and understands that we are just living one day at a time and trusting God. She backs me 100% and knows that everything will work out. If i decide tomorrow that I want to teach and not work at 5th 3rd, she would never complain. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

It's definitely time for bed now. It's been an uneventful yet tiring day. I got the 53 news early and had to call my family and friends and communicate it. Next, I had to clean house, go to the grocery store and mailbox. Finally, I had to cook dinner, which was quite good I might add, and then do the dishes and get ready for Idol. We also watched 2 dvr'd episodes of Howie Do It. Oh yeah, does it kill anyone else that American Idol always goes past their time allotment and the dvr missed the ending? I just wanna scream. Goodnight.

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