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Monday, March 23, 2009

We were on our death beds

Last week was one of the worst weeks of my entire life. I would venture to say that it was THE worst week of my entire life. The only good thing that could have came from me being down with sinusitis, bronchitis, and the flu at the same time was that Amanda was there right there wrapped in the sweat drenched bed sheets with me. I never want her to be sick, but if we both had to go through it at least we were together.

It all started the week of my parents party. I started getting sick on Tuesday so I immediately went to the doctor for fear of being sick for the party. I got put on a Z pack and I actually made it through the party and started feeling better. I think I ran myself down between the packing, the party and the unpacking afterward because Monday I started feeling even worse. Apparently I had spread everything to Amanda too because when she came home from work on Monday she went straight to bed. We were in the bed all day Tuesday with temperatures over 103 degrees. Trust me, when your temperature is that high it's not even fun to lie in bed and watch TV. It was definitely a miserable day. We were both ready to head to the doctor (my second visit) on Wednesday morning. Amanda's temperature was 104.1 and mine was 102.7 at the doctor. The doctor wrote her 3 prescriptions and me 2 more, which was a total of 4 for me, and off we went. Wednesday and Thursday were miserable days of sweating, sleeping, and moaning. We finally drug ourselves out of the bed on Friday for Amanda's twin sister and her husband and kids to come for the weekend. We still aren't well today, but at least our temperatures are gone and she is working and I am typing this. I am thankful for that!

I did lose almost 10 pounds last week. The only thing Amanda and I felt like eating were peaches. We went through 3 jars worth I think. We watched some crazy TV shows during those miserable days too. Operation Repo was probably my favorite. If you haven't seen it I would say to do so if you want some laughs. I am usually not the biggest proponent for flu shots, but next year I will be one of the first in line. I literally thought I was going to die and was praying for the Lord to take me home last week. It's crazy how fast your world can change from a sickness like that. I hope and pray we never have to go through it again.

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