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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. Roop

It's been a week now since I found out I was no longer employed with HSBC/Beneficial. I worked my butt off there for almost 3 years and it just ended. I'm not bitter, infact I am a little relieved. The long hours and stress was starting to play a toll on me. My doctor told me months ago that I needed to find a new profession because my blood pressure was way too high.

My job search has kind of stalled. I interviewed with Chase last week and I haven't heard anything yet. The recruiter told me that it would probably be a week before I heard anything, but I tend to believe that the wait is like a jury deliberating; the longer the wait means it's usually not very good news. I have faith that something will come along though.

I've looked into a couple different routes to becoming a teacher. As I have mentioned before, that's what I've really always wanted to be, but I never pursued it for some reason. This would be the best possible time for me to get started because I have absolutely nothing else to do. Amanda is starting to call my Mr. Mom because I clean up the house and have dinner ready when she gets home. I have to do something because the adult ADHD is really kicking in.

The WV Dept of Education has a transition to teaching program that will allow me to go straight to teaching next year if there is an available Special Education position. They will then pay for me to get my certifications. I'll have to teach Special Education for three years, but they will also pay for me to continue school and get certifications in other areas if I need to. I plan to do this if I can get accepted into the program, but if I do not it's back to school to finish up my teaching. I would love to see how high of a GPA I will be able to get since I want to be in college now instead of just trying to get by when I was in the first time.

It's time to get dinner ready. Amanda gets home around 5:00 and I am supposed to have had this slide show finished for my mom and dad's anniversary before Wednesday, but it's painstakingly slow. Hopefully, she will help me tonight. She is so much better than me at doing this kind of thing.

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  1. I see you have some extra time on your hands. Next video, try looking at the camera instead of at yourself in the moniter. :)


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