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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday, I walked in to work around 8:55 a.m., which is normal for Mondays, but this one turned out to be unlike any I've ever experienced. My district manager's car was in the parking lot and I knew he was supposed to be in the Beckley office that day. I never thought anything about it, though. Next, I walked in the door and the lights were out, but that is not uncommon considering we usually don't have customers that early. I then noticed that my district manager and branch manager were sitting on the desks looking pretty upset. They proceeded to tell me that our whole consumer lending unit of HSBC was being shut down effective immediately. I was pretty shocked to say the least.

I went ahead and walked to my computer because I wasn't sure if they were being serious or not. The consumer lending branch of HSBC employees over 6,000 people. I guess I thought they were just joking or maybe we were downsizing or something. I definitely was wrong. I attempted to log into my computer and my user name and password were no longer valid. I was officially relieved of my duties at 2:00 p.m. I will continue to get paid until April 2 and then I will receive a small severance package after that.

The good news is that I now have several options that I have wanted to pursue for a while.
I have an interview with Chase on Thursday and if that doesn't work out then I am going to go back to school and finish up my teaching degree. I've always wanted to teach and now will be the time to pursue it. Especially since the state will pay for it now!!

Anyway, Amanda and I could use some prayers now. I am sure the lord will take care of us and lead me to what career I need to pursue. I only hope that I can continue to take care of Amanda and live our lives the way Jesus would want.

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  1. Did you have any warning that it was going to happen?
    That completely sucks. We were blessed enough to have until June when we found out. But I still know what you are going through. God will provide.
    You guys will be in my prayers.


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