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Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things about me.

1. I am a dreamer. I dream of things I want to do, but rarely find the time to do any of them.2. My wife calls me bowling ball because she says the only place I gain weight is in my belly.3. I am most always happy and it's really not fake.4. My life was threatened by a black guy at Macy's in NYC because I pushed my friend Jon Castle and he bumped into him. We both lived.5. I recently dreamed that I was peeing and when I woke up... well, you know the rest!6. When my wife and I got married in Hawaii I had to stop the ceremony because I forgot the ring about 50 yards down the beach. It was a fake one that I purchased at Walmart in Hawaii because I forgot the real one at home.7. I have more compassion for animals than I do for humans.8. I love to play tricks on people. My favorite is cover up the laser on my coworkers mice so they won't work. They've already figured this one out. 9. I can't sleep unless my leg is lying on my wife's back. When she is gone I stack up two pillows to simulate it.10. I used to pretend I was Zack Morris. I still watch Saved by the Bell everyday.11. I am scared to death of bugs. I know it's a little girly, but the Praying Mantis is horrifying.12. I almost drown at Waves of Fun in Hurricane, WV when I was 13, but i never told anyone, until now.13. I slept in the floor by my parents bed until was 6. I was joined by Teddy Ruxpin and My buddy.14. I was picked up by the police when I was 15 for throwing eggs on Halloween. Coach Sexton was there when I was released. He was yelling, "What kind of bird don't fly?" at me for 10 minutes.15. I am slowly going bald and I have psoriasis on my scalp. Talk about a double negative. lol16. I only require 5 hours of sleep and regularly get less than that. It makes everyday exciting.17. My wife and I make up our own dances to popular songs. You should see our "Single Ladies" dance.18. I have always wanted to be a teacher even though I require much more money than I would ever get paid.19. I was once attacked by a chicken and spurred in my back for picking up it's little chics.20. My dad had me convinced when I was younger than he could turn out the sun with a button in the car. Later I found out he could only do it when we went through a shady place on the road. 21. I could jump and grab the rim in High School with little effort and barely grabbed the net recently at the YMCA. 22. I was stripped to my underwear and forced to swim across a freezing cold river for initiation in baseball my sophomore year. I earned the nickname, "The wet spider", then. 23. I was bug bitten in a private area when I was 10 and it swelled up like a balloon. My dad is caught on video camera telling everyone at the All-Star game.24. I think I divulged too much on number 24. 25. I hit a bear last year and totalled my car. On the way home in the wrecker these too large hairy men asked me if I had any cash. I was sitting in the wrecker inbetween them. I was petrified. They took me home down a back road that I wasn't famimliar with. I had no cell phone service nor did I have any cash. I prayed a lot. I finally made it home with my wallet and dignity. I was relieved. I told them I would drop off a tip at the wrecker shop when I got some cash. I never did. Sometimes at night, I hear the wrecker in the driveway. This is all true.

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