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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Holidays are over!

My Sunday is coming to and end. My final day of not being at Beneficial will be over soon and then back to business as usual. I hope this week is productive. I also hope it goes by as fast as possible. I'm finally starting to realize that the holiday season is over. This will be my first full week of work in about 4 weeks. I hope I can make it through the week. I usually get run down around Wednesday.

I've been working out with the Wii Fit pretty hard. It seems humorous that this game is what it has taken for me to do something other than sit at my desk, but it works. The exercises seem easy, but once you start doing it it gets progressively harder and it's quite fun! I'm actually sore today, but I know that it doesn't take much to get these muscles to ache. My neighbors are probably wondering what's going on next door when Amanda and I are hula hooping.

We have been taking all the Christmas decorations down today and have condensed 4 boxes into one. We have thrown out so much stuff. I should have probably put a lot of it on eBay, but the thought of all that work for a couple of bucks didn't seem worth it to me today. I'll probably regret it after the garbage truck wakes me up again in the morning. We slept late today and missed Church so I've had more time to do some things. I do hate missing Church though so I have read a few chapters in my Bible. I'm trying to read a lot more than I used to. I know it's important. It's funny that the Bible stories that I've always known are different when I go in and read them for myself. I guess when I heard them as a child some parts just got left out. It's like that game that children play in Elementary School; you know when you whisper a secret in one child's ear and as each child whispers it to the other it gets completely changed before the last child says it aloud. I do love reading the Bible though and hope I continue.

I should get downstairs. Amanda is still down there wrapping each ornament from the tree individually for fear of one of them getting broken. I would just cram them in a box and hope for the best. That's probably why I'm not allowed to help with it. I could find something else to do though. It's hard to pry me from the computer when I have a free minute.

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  1. Hi! Good to see you on here! I have one of these too.


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