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Friday, January 23, 2009

I miss being in shape!

Amanda, Carlie, Katie, and I have been playing Wii Fit this evening. It's definitely strange that Nintendo can actually get those of us that loathe excercising to actually enjoy it. The Wii Fit can actually get me sweating in about 15 minutes. My girls are all downstairs doing the balance games as i type this and it's almost my turn. I going to win at every game. Actually, I won't win at all. I find it hard to beat my wife at many of those crazy games. I think she takes losing even harder than I do.
On other news, I am planning on having my parents a 40th anniversary party in March. We are in the early stages of planning so if anyone has any ideas let me know. Oh, and if anyone reads this that knows my parents or my loud mouth brother don't tell them. I hope all goes well and we are able to get everything we want ready for the big day. My parents have done so much for me over the years it makes me excited to be able to surprise them with something.

I guess I'll go back and play some more Wii before we watch Narnia: Prince Caspian. I've never seen Prince Caspian and am extremely excited about it. We all watched the first Narnia in the theater when it first came out and it was awesome. I am pretty pumped to see it tonight. It's nice that there are still great family movies out there. I am about sick of the filthy comedy movies that come out every other week.

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