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Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

I should start by saying that I've never had a dedicated site for a blog. I posted some things on my myspace page and the pre myspace website, but never a page directly for writing. This could be good for me because I do enjoy writing (though I'm not very gramatically correct) and I have a journal at my bedside, but tend to never find the time to write. It's easier to type than look at my grotesque hand writing.

I still work for Beneficial, but I've move to the Southridge location. And while I'm thinking about it I should mention my new friend Jesse (yes, he's a guy) for turning me on to this site. I am relieved to be out of Beckley and closer to my wife, parents, friends, and most important, Church. We need to start looking for a house, but aren't in too much of a hurry. It will definitely be nice when we can get out of East Bank a purchase something closer to Charleston or Boone to cut down on the driving time and finally settle in something of our own. I'm definitely ready!

Amanda is gone to Cleveland to see her family this weekend. I am home alone and bored. I made chicken stir fry tonight and rented the latest Harry Potter movie. She won't watch them with me so this is my only chance! And I should mention that the stir fry was delicious. I may have found my calling. I hope to work out with the Wii Fit tonight, too. It has been chastising me a bit for being overweight. My BMI was 25.23. I guess sitting at my desk all day for 3 years with minimal exercise is playing its toll on me. It's finding time to exercise that's the problem.

I suppose I should go finish up some laundry and exercise for at least 45 minutes before Harry Potter. Tomorrow will result in much of the same, but Amanda will be home in the evening and I won't have to stack up pillows on the right side of the bed to put my leg over.

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