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Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Teach or not to Teach?

I have been thinking a lot about teaching lately. I have thought a lot about it for the last few years, but now I'm becoming more obsessed about it. I have always wanted to be a teacher and several of my friends already are and this just intensifies my desire. Lately, the mortgage industry isn't doing the best and though I wouldn't leave my current profession just because the state of the economy, I could plan for an alternate career in the off chance that Obama isn't the savior that everyone seems to be painting him to be.
Circuit City announced on Friday that they would be starting liquidation effective the next day and I learned that several of my friends would no longer have a job. Circuit City provided a lucrative career for many. In fact, 34,000 people will be without a job in the upcoming days. I don't foresee the end of the economic downturn in the near future. But, I do expect that a new flat screen could end up on my wall if the liquidation decided to drop a few more percentage points in the upcoming weeks.
This morning we got to church on time despite the sudden ice storm we encountered. We actually parked in a spot closer to church than we normally get. However, my wife, as usual, attempted to hurry across the road before the crossing guards let the next line of traffic through and fell in the middle of the road. Thankfully I managed to catch her before she hit too hard, but she did get a dirty knee. I'm sure her arm will be a little sore in the morning too because I yanked on it rather hard while she was falling.

Friday night we had a party for my friend Michael Wooten. He is leaving WSAZ ( effective January 28 and will be working in Buffalo, NY. We all hate to see him leave, but he knows what he wants and we all wish him the best. The party was fun and all us guys sure had a great time making fun of one another as we do best.

Amanda and I watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop before I went to the party and it was hilarious. I knew Kevin James would be able to last in a feature film. He was as funny as he was in every King of Queens episode I have ever watched. I'll definitely be renting that movie as soon as I can.

I suppose I should go help with the dishes now. We fixed stir fry for dinner today and we are both stuffed. I am missing much of the game right now too. If any has any suggestions on teaching please don't hesitate to let me know.

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  1. You can get your Masters through Marshall. Most of their classes are online. I think I've had 3 that aren't. You can completely it at your own pace as long as all classes are completed within 7 years. I have my 75 hr student teaching this semester, an online class in the summer and my 15 week student teaching in the fall and I'm done! The classes are way easy too! =)


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